Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu: “EROS” U.S. release and “Le X Giornate” Festival in Brescia

After almost 4 years, Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu come back with the album “EROS”, following the 2012 success of “Alma”.
Inside the project, which is a concept-album entirely devoted to the “eros” topic, there are plenty of collaborations: Jaques Morelembaum, who participated also in the realisation of “ALMA”; the string quartet Alborada; the Maghrebi singer Natacha Atlas, here interpreting an Arabic cover of the Massive Attack’s masterpiece “Teardrop”; and an original composition by Peter Gabriel (in collaboration with his son Isaac) called “What Lies Ahead”.
“EROS”, praised by the critics and #1 on the Jazz iTunes Chart in Italy and France, lands today in the U.S., ready to seduce both audience and press.
Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu have been on tour for the entire summer, and on the 20th September they’re going to perform at the “Le X Giornate” Festival in Brescia (Italy) with an amazing show, to whom the OYEZ! staff is impatient to participate.
Below the music video for the track “Zeus’ Desires” and the iTunes link for “EROS”.

Itunes Link for “EROS”: