“The Ship – A Generative Film”: an interactive project and new music by Brian Eno

Brian Eno makes his comeback with a new and innovative project called “The Ship – A Generative Film”.
With the release of the new record “The Ship”, available from the 29th April, there’s also a generative film, created using an artificial intelligence program developed by Dents Lab Tokyo.
The project, specifically named “generative”, presents a series of images, footages and news updated in real time, drawing connections between past and present events, underling relationships and continuities.
Aim of “The Ship – A Generative Film” is to induce the viewer to ask himself how historical meaning is produced and which is the role of humankind and technology in this process.
Musically, “The Ship” can be described as the perfect compromise between a traditional record and a musical novel, bringing together beautiful songs and minimalist ambience. The result is the very best of Eno, an album without parallel in his catalogue.
Below the trailer and the link of “The Ship – A Generative Film”.

Here’s the film: http://theship.ai/

Link iTunes for “The Ship”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-ship/id1083897139