“When You Drink, Never Drive”: online the new Heineken campaign in collaboration with Jackie Stewart

The new Heineken campaign “When You Drink, Never Drive”, in collaboration with the Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart, was premiered at the Monza F1 Grand Prix and is now available online.
The commercial shows vintage images of the three times F1 world champion, both in action and in private, accompanied by the well-known beer produced by Heineken, specifically integrated into the original footages.
Along the suggestive video there’s the everlasting success “Heroes” by David Bowie, here in the Postmodern Jukebox’s adaptation featuring the talented Nicole Atkins, released back in February 2016 in support of the Cancer Research Institute.
At the end of the commercial, Jackie Stewart refuses the proverbial “One for the road” and says:” No thanks, I’m still driving”, thus bringing to the fore the drink driving issue and the risks it carries for the individual and society.
Oyez! has been representing Bowie’s iconic repertoire since 1993; we are proud to have been part of this campaign, devised filmed and cleared in Italy for the world, to have contributed to the creation of this amazing footage, far beyond the idea of commercial.
Follow the link to the new Heineken campaign, full of nostalgic images and fascinating music, which we hope will havre a positive social impact.