“YES WE CAN’T”: Elio e le Storie Tese’s European Tour

Elio e le Storie Tese, following the success already obtained in their homeland, are finally ready to conquer the entire Europe: their “YES WE CAN’T TOUR” starts on March 2nd from Budapest and will bring the band to perform in the most important European cities. Furthermore, EelST will release on March 3rd a special compilation for the European market, featuring their most well-known hits.

Born in Milan in the first 80s, Elio e le Storie Tese have redifined the concept of band in the Italian music landscape: talent, humour and a lot of passion. Since the beginning of their career, EelST have distinguished themselves for their originality and marked artistic skills. At the moment of their first appearance in the industry, the band imposed itself as one of the most influential and loved alternative musical identity in Italy.

In more than 35 years, EelST have scored many hits (as “La Terra dei Cachi”, “La Canzone Mononota” and “Cateto”), and have released 10 studio albums, 6 live albums, 10 compilation, DVDs and soundtracks, not to mention countless participations in films, radio and tv shows.

Following a long career in Italy, the band has decided to embark for its first European tour that will visit many countries across the old continent: the first date is tomorrow in Budapest, next Germany, Uk, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In conjunction with the tour, EelST will release this Friday a special compilation made of a double CD, called “YES WE CAN’T”, that includes 28 of the most well-known tracks out of the band’s repertoire.
Following the cover and tracklist of the compilation and the tour dates.

-“YES WE CAN’T” cover and tracklist:

01) Milza
02) Ritmo Sbilenco
03) Cartoni Animati Giapponesi
04) Parco Sempione
05) Pipppero
06) Gargaroz
07) Come Gli Area
08) Bomba Intelligente (feat. Francesco di Giacomo)
09) Lo Stato A, Lo Stato B
10) First Me Second Me (feat. James Taylor)
11) Mio Cuggino
12) John Holmes (una vita per il cinema)
13) Pagàno
14) La Chanson

01) Plafone (feat. Antonella Ruggiero)
02) Supermassiccio
03) Psichedelia
04) La Canzone Mononota
05) Cani E Padroni Di Cani
06) L´eterna Lotta Tra Il Bene E Il Male
07) Heavy Samba
08) Ocio Ocio
09) Il Rock And Roll
10) Caro 2000
11) Christmas With The Yours
12) La Vendetta Del Fantasma Formaggino
13) La Terra Dei Cachi
14) Tell Me You Love Me (feat. Ike Willis)