SAFFELLI: latest single “BAGNI ITALIA” on radio rotation

Previously this year, we heard his name for the first time with “Corso Indipendenza”, then, we knew him a little bit better with “Verve” and now, with the release of his 3rd single “Bagni Italia”, on radio rotation from September 1, Saffelli shows us a brand new side of his personality and artistry.

The track, entirely written by the Milan based songwriter, is a detailed narrative of the typical summer during teenage years, with first loves, holidays with parents, free time with friends and issues and thoughts of that period of our lives. The narration is carried on with a melancholic perspective of who, now in his 20s, miss those carefree years.

“Bagni Italia”, besides the simple but charming lyrics, as Saffelli has got us used, presents a super catchy melody. Overall, lyrics and music create a perfect pop track. The production has been curated by Davide Ferrario (883, Syria).
“Bagni italia” is Saffelli’s 3rd single, following “Corso Indipendenza”, whose music video reached almost 20.000 views, and “Verve”, that climbed Spotify Italy’s VIRAL CHART with 28.000 streams.

Following, you can find “Bagni Italia” audio, the cover and the iTunes link.

– iTunes link: