“Reflection”: Brian Eno’s new album to be released on 01.01.17

Brian Eno‘s new album is called “Reflection” and is set to be released in every digital and physical store on 01.01.17.
The album, consisting of a 54 minutes single track, has its roots in the Ambient genre made famous By Eno in his 40 years of career, starting from the publication of “Discreet Music” in 1975.

About the album’s title, the artist claims Reflection is so called because I find it makes me think back. It makes me think things over. It seems to create a psychological space that encourages internal conversation. And external ones actually—people seem to enjoy it as the background to their conversations. When I make a piece like this most of my time is spent listening to it for long periods—sometimes several whole days—observing what it does to different situations, seeing how it makes me feel. I make my observations and then tweak the rules.”

“Reflection” will be available in two versions: the first made by CD and Booklet, and the second consisting of a Double Vinyl LP.
Here the project’s artwork and click here to pre-order “Reflection” by Brian Eno.