MusicalZOO 2017: Grand Finale with Mudimbi and Frah Quintale on July 23

Everything’s ready for the 2017 edition of MusicalZOO (#MZOO), the most highly anticipated event in Brescia, from July 19 til 23, with special guests Mudimbi and Frah Quintale.

The festival, that this year reaches its 9th edition, was born from the collaboration between cultural associations and local bar managers in order to promote cultural-artistic activities.
The castle of Brescia is once again the location chosen to host the event, with a special focus in exalting and safeguarding the historic-architectonic heritage.
Over the years, MusicalZOO has attracted more than 65000 participants, as well as 200 musicians from all around the world and 100 artists with their site-specific art installations.

MusicalZOO 2017 edition (July 19/23) will end with a special night dedicated to the hip-hop scene with Mudimbi and Frah Quintale ready to set “laFosse”, one of the venues designed to host the shows, on fire.

Mudimbi, Italian Congolese born and raised in San Benedetto Del Tronto, started to get noticed in 2013 with the release of “Supercalifrigida” and, the following year, with the EP “M”, but it was just in March 2017 that the rapper was able to drop his first studio album “Michel”.
What makes Mudimbi one of a kind? Beats and sounds blend different styles and genres, from hip-hop to rap, through grime, dubstep and dancehall. Even more phenomenal is his talent in writing down ironic, sharp and smart lyrics.

Michel, the rapper’s real name, with singles as “Tipi Da Club”, “Schifo” and the most recent “Empatia”, is clearly one of the hottest name in 2017 hip-hop scene.

Great expectations for Frah Quintale, also known as half of the duo Fratelli Quintale, being Brescia is hometown. Following success both as part of the duo as solo, from “Colpa Del Vino” onwards, in 2016 Frah released his EP “2004”, that perfectly sum up the rapper’s style, in which rap meets pop in a wonderful match.
Recently, waiting for the release of his debut record, Frah has dropped many singles as “8 Miliardi di Persone”, “Hai Visto Mai”, “Sabato nel Parco” e “Cratere”.

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