“Michel”: Mudimbi’s debut record

”Michel” is the title of Mudimbi‘s (whose actual name is Michel Mudimbi) first studio record that hit the stores last month and it has already crowned the artist as one of the hottest newcomer of 2017. But Mudimbi’s career started a long time ago.

Mudimbi, Italian-Congolese borne and raised in San Benedetto del Tronto, started to write his own first lyrics around the 2000, but it’s just in 2013, with the release of “Supercalifrigida”, that the rapper reach the mainstream audience, thanks mainly to Trapmusic.net and Radio Deejay’s massive promotion.

His first EP, simply named “M”, dropped in 2014 and it’s made of 5 tracks, including the first single “Balb & Tando”.

What’s Mudimbi’s strong suit? For sure, his success lays on his originality in terms of sounds and beats, that usually are inspired by different genres as rap, trap, grime, dubstep and dancehall; Furthermore, the irony that characterizes Michel’s tracks is undoubtedly one of his ace in the hole.

”Michel” was released on March 24th, anticipated by two singles: “Tipi Da Club”, with its hypnotic beat and racy lyrics, and, more recently, ”Schifo”.

The record includes well-known productions and collaborations with Aquadrop, Ceri, Riva, Jeeba & Zaghi, Ale Bavo & FiloQ and Ackeejuice Rockers.

Another peculiarity of the project is its format: in addition to the digital version, the rapper has created, in collaboration with the designers Maicol&Mirko, a record/comics with games made specifically for “grown-up adults”.

The cover, that portrays a 7-years-old Mudimbi, has also been used for a viral campaign that invaded Italian most important cities with thousands of stickers.

Below you can find “Michel”’s tracklist, the iTunes link to purchase the album and the remaining dates of the “Mudimbi Tour”.

1. Scimmia
2. SBA
3. Risatatà
4. Giostre
5. Empatia
6. Donne
7. Tipi da Club
8. Tachicardia
9. Chi
10. Amnesia
11. Schifo
12. Tutto

“Mudimbi Tour” Dates:
22/04 Bissano (MB) – The Flag
30/04 Bassano Del Grappa (VI) – LIV
05/05 Torino – Officine Corsare
06/05 Prato – Capanno Black Out

“Michel” iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/michel/id1207265651