Somebody loves it, somebody hates it. For someone it represents and unmissable event to celebrate with gifts, dinners and surprises, while, for someone else, it simply is an ordinary day to spend overwhelmed by routine activities.

In both cases, a little bit of good music never hurt nobody, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or disillusioned in love. For a special date night with your partner or, more simply, to rediscover the tender side hidden behind even the toughest ones, we’ve thought to create a playlist to celebrate the lovers’ day.

VALENTINE’S DAY, available on Spotify, includes 20 incredibile tracks out of Oyez!’s catalogue to celebrate (or not) the 14th of February. Inside the playlist, evergreen hits and new productions representing a variety of genres.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s VALENTINE’S DAY, a playlist by Oyez!.