“THÈ”: Saffelli’s brand new single is out

2017 marked Saffelli’s debut on music scenes with the releases of three singles, firstly “Corso Indipendenza” followed by “Verve” (featuring I Miei Migliori Complimenti) and “Bagni Italia”. Now Saffelli is ready to come back with a brand new track called “THÈ”, already available on streaming platforms from March 30.

The young songwriter based in Milan achieves his objective once again: He gifts the listener with 3 minutes of pure pop made in Italy, thanks to the catchy arrangement and immediate lyrics about being young and in love.
Listen to “THÈ” on Spotify and visit Saffelli’s social profiles for more details.

Facebook: facebook.com/ssaffelli/
Instagram: instagram.com/ssaffelli/
Spotify: Saffelli
Youtube: youtube.com/user/SafhChannel