“Katchi”: Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse lastest hit

Ofenbach, following the success of their summer smashing hit “Be Mine”, are back with a new single called “Katchi”, a revisited version of the homonymous original track by Nick Waterhouse.

But first of all, who are the Ofenbach? This “hit-maker” duo was born in Paris from the collaboration of two Djs, Dorian Do and Cèsar de Rummel, long time friends. Following one of their dad’s advice, the boys decided to found their first rock band at just 13 years old. The band’s name is inspired by the French composer Jaques Offenbach. Following two singles of discrete success, in 2016 the duo released the track “Be Mine”, that first became a hit in its homeland and then, during summer 2017, in the entire Europe. The single has been certified Gold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Double Platinum in Italy and Diamond in France.

Today Ofenbach are back with a new single that does not fall short expectations. ”Katchi” is a remixed version of the original track by Nick Waterhouse, American singer, songwriter and producer, well-known in the industry for his typical R&B, Jazz and Soul-inspired sounds. The title, in its original version, is included in Waterhouse’s third studio record called “Never Twice”.

”Katchi” definitely has what it takes to become one of the most liked song of the autumn/winter season. The track has already peaked at #1 on Italian iTunes Chart and #4 in French Official Chart. The title’s hype is growing more and more, making the “Katchi” one of the most played songs by Italian Radios.

Following, “Katchi” music video, cover and iTunes link to download the track.

[intense_image image=”1385″ title=”1d8a3511de9d06c251ba50e2d303cc0b7e4196ad-2″]

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/katchi-ofenbach-vs-nick-waterhouse-single/id1272197003