It seems like there’s only time for shining and performing brand new cellphones, tantrums and insatiable vices in the world we live in.
How can we go back to our essence? How can we return in touch with the living planet that surrounds us?

Novo Amor has the answer: let’s go back to where it all began, that immense stretch of H20 that makes our planet so colored and full of life but it’s now living its worst crisis yet.
Our cradle, our “Birthplace, needs us more than ever.

Thanks to an amazingly shot video and a track dense of strong emotions Novo Amor leaves the viewer impressed by meaningful and evoking images of oceans irreversibly contaminated by mankind’s selfishness, which is filling the planet with thousands of tons of plastic everyday.
The eclectic Welsh artist fully hits what will be the target of the attention for decades to come, giving back to music its connotation of “conscience-awakener” which has been lost for years, drown in a consumerist and mean chaos of sounds composed just to enrich the music business.
Novo Amor does all of this without pointing his finger to anyone but just showing his marked sensitivity towards this topic.

The self-titled album “Birthplace”, which will be released in every digital and streaming platform on October 19, won’t clean up oceans but will surely remove some dirt from the consciences of who for too long didn’t take care of our beloved planet.